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Kitchen Lighting Quotes For Existing Cabinets or Remodel/New Construction

LED Lighting Kit
LED Lighting Kit
LED Lighting Kit

Lighting for Current Cabinets
Everything an Electrician/Contractor needs in one Kit







 I am not doing new construction or a remodel project how can I light my customers kitchen above


We can help; through our quoting process we will review your project and suggest the best wiring plan along with more  details about pricing and some hits and tips on best practice lighting installation

With our RF Capable products we can connect separate cabinets to a single switch

  • How much is a kitchen kit? This entirely depends on the size, the total feet of lighting you need and the lay-out of your kitchen. Most kitchens have breaks between cabinets like windows, doors, sinks among other things. We design systems that connect all of your cabinets to a single wireless switch. So the layout and the the size of the kitchen really ultimately determines the price of your kit. 

  • What type of switch should I choose? We offer three types of wireless switches all are wired the same and function the same. 

    • Hand held remote

    • Slim line wall switch

    • Traditional look wall mount switch

    • For new construction/remodel projects customer supplies their own switch 

Under Cabinet LED Lighting Kit


Wireless Switching with RF-Modules Ideal for Existing Cabinets

Remote single zone


All the control you need in a small slim hand held remote control: on-off, high-med-low settings, and a finger touch dimming wheel.

Wall Mount Switch


At just .66” high and 3.12” wide this switch is designed to be mounted on the wall and offers all you need to turn your lights on/off and dim.

Wireless Wall Switch


With its RF capability and included wall mount bracket this switch can be place just about anywhere.  Faceplate not included 

For More Information on Lighting your Customers Existing Kitchen Cabinets Please fill out the form below


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Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting

Lighting Kits for New/Remodel Kitchens

With open wall construction you have more flexibility in your wiring layout. You can daisy chain cabinets together or create dedicated runs to each cabinet. You have the opportunity hide your power supply in lower cabinets, basements, upper cabinets and other accessible but hidden out of the way areas and you can place your switch with your main bank of light switches or run a separate switch where ever you like. To learn more about our products and services for contractors, electricians, and bath & kitchen companies please fill out the request more information form below.

For more information on LED Lighting Kits for New Construction or Remodel Projects please fill out the form below.


Thank you for your request

Kitchen Under Cabinet LED Lighting
Under Cabinet LED Lighting


Once we receive authorization to create your kit we will send you a time line to completion email. 

Our kits normally ship to within 4-7 days after purchase.

Once shipped we will send your shipment notice along with the tracking number.

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